Sex Slang Words You’ve Been Too Embarrassed to Ask About

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There are so many slang terms in sex that you’ve probably never heard of. If you have a partner, it’s important to know what these words mean. In the case of slang, you don’t want to be too closeted with your partner and don’t want to offend them, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of the most common slang words that most couples use, and why you might not have understood them before.

You may not know what ‘boffing’ means. There are many other terms that describe oral sex, but you’ve been too embarrassed to ask about them. Those that do are usually prudes who don’t want to be overly sexual or sexy. Despite their lack of sex confidence, they’re still able to impress their partners.

The first term you should learn is jam. This term refers to a sexy person who only wants sexual activities from their partners. Similarly, a “gherkin” is a pickled fruit that stands for a male pole. Another word you should know is slurp. This word describes a lot of sucking and is used in oral sex.

Dirty sanchez is a general term for poop. It was made popular by Dustin Diamond. This involves placing a finger in your partner’s butt and wiping it over his upper lip to create the illusion of a mustache. Golden shower is the act of peeing on someone during sex. You can also find slang for both of these.

There are so many slang terms for oral sex that you’ve been too embarrassed to ask about. If you’re a woman, you should learn them all. A gherkin is a female reproductive organ. A gherkin is a pickled fruit that stands for a male pole. The second slang word for oral sex is slurp. It refers to the act of sucking.

Some of the slang words for oral sex are blowjob, gherkin, and boof. A prude will feel embarrassment about talking about Becky and avoiding explicit beej scenes. Those words are slang, and they’ve been used in sex. If you’re a woman, you might want to ask your partner to use them.

Some words for sexual activity are related to gender identity. For example, “gay” is a term for woman who isn’t a transgender. You might also hear sexy terms like skolio sexual. However, if you’re a man, you’ve been too embarrassed to ask about the meaning of skoliosexual.

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